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a brand people remember

a marketing plan that actually works

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Whether you’re starting from scratch or feel like your marketing is scattered all over the place, we create custom brand and marketing strategies that work AND you’re in control of.

Your marketing and fundraising solutions are closer than you think. Partnering with Sigler Crist Agency gives you organized and practical solutions to grow.

Getting started is easy and free!

Take our FREE roadmap assessment. We will go over your results together. Plus, you can ask us about anything you’re struggling with. Take advantage of this free assessment TODAY!


Ready to balance your marketing and fundraising more effectively? This quick and insightful evaluation will pinpoint your organization’s strengths and weaknesses, offering valuable insights to optimize your donor outreach and brand awareness. Take charge of your mission’s success – start your free assessment today!


Feeling lost in the world of branding and marketing? Take control with our free assessment! This quick and easy tool will provide valuable insights into your current brand strategy and marketing effectiveness. You’ll gain a clearer picture of your strengths and weaknesses, empowering you to make informed decisions and propel your business forward.


Feeling overwhelmed by marketing options? Sigler Crist Agency can be your guide. We go beyond creating logos and websites. We dive deep to understand your business goals and target audience. Through their unique process, we will help you craft a clear brand identity that resonates with your customers. Plus, we’ll develop a strategic marketing plan that puts you in control, with organized and practical solutions to achieve sustainable growth. With Sigler Crist Agency, you can stop wondering “what if” and start confidently saying “let’s go!”


Trying to navigate the complicated world of fundraising? Or, trying to find a way to balance your marketing and fundraising efforts? You’ve come to the right place! Our services are designed to give you practical hands-on support to solve your fundraising challenges.


Trying to navigate the complicated world of fundraising? Or, trying to find a way to balance your marketing and fundraising efforts? You’ve come to the right place! Our services are designed to give you practical hands-on support to solve your fundraising challenges.

Start Unlocking your potential. Market smarter. Grow Faster.


take control

Ready to stop letting your marketing or fundraising control your time and energy? Our services are designed to give you the solutions that grow your business and put you back in control.

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"We had ambitious fundraising goals. That's why we brought them in. They helped us quickly identify the right steps steps to take, and I'm thrilled to say we exceeded our goals. Highly recommend to anyone looking to improve their fundraising."

Whitney Patterson – Literacy Council of Tyler

"What an Amazing Team! Mentoring, Website & Graphics, we needed it all, we got it all. Starting a business today is complicated and frequently overwhelming. Seen and unseen hurdles can knock a business out of the race before you even get moving. Developing plans and tools that maximize effective communication is foundational if a company hopes for success. Brandon and his team have helped us from day one and continue to assist us daily. Our customers constantly comment on great-looking, professional website and literature the team developed. We can't say Thank You, enough."

Stan pace – Calusolv, llc

"We have a history of being unique and consultants don't get us. That was not the case with Kenny. After our first meeting, he was like part of our staff. He seemed to know everyone's name, followed up, and had a well planned structure to his activity and recommendations."

Ken Hultgren – Senior Development Director

"We have partnered with SCA for years. They have a knack for turning even complex projects into engaging experiences. For Tejas' ambitious Thriving Tejas initiative, their expertise was instrumental. They seamlessly managed everything from website design to social media campaigns and presentation materials. Their commitment to brand consistency extends far beyond that one project. We rely on them to this day, and look forward to collaborating for many years to come."

Paul Biles, Tejas Camp & Retreat

"We partnered with Sigler Crist Agency in September 2023, and they have exceeded our expectations. They have taken the time to truly understand our core values as a practice, and have continued to work with us on a weekly basis to create something that truly represents our office. SCA is an agency that can handle it all, and I look forward to our continued partnership."

Britney Christy – Fretty Orthodontics

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Can you communicate like Jobs?

Can you communicate like Jobs?

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Fundraising Can Be Enjoyable

Fundraising Can Be Enjoyable

Over a decade later, I still remember this quote from a fundraising study. "Fundraising is not something I enjoy doing. I don't like having to ask people. And the problem in this community is that this is a very involved community of people, and you just get to the...

Uncharitable: Risk and recklessness.

Uncharitable: Risk and recklessness.

"We just can't seem to find any good candidates. So, where do we go from here?" The Chairman asks the rest of the nonprofit board in a meeting. Other board members sit in silence. No one sees, or wants to admit, the real issue. This board of a mid-size nonprofit has...

What the OpenAI Drama is Teaching Nonprofits

What the OpenAI Drama is Teaching Nonprofits

Disclaimer: This is not an article sharing any opinions about OpenAI, anyone associated with OpenAI, it's work, or any of its decisions. When the news came out OpenAI fired its CEO, I was surprised to learn the organization is a nonprofit. Its founders had a mission...

Lessons from movie directors

Lessons from movie directors

Some of you may get upset with me for this. I've avoided watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy all these years. To be honest, fantasy adventure movies are not my favorite, and I thought they would be too long. Now that I've enraged some of you, I caved and finally...

Using events to build relationships

Using events to build relationships

According to an article published by World Scholarship Vault, event planning is the third most stressful job in the world. Some professions that come AFTER event planner are: first responder, corporate executive, surgeon, police officer, and paramedic!  As...