Does any of this sound familiar…

  • Building a website is hard and I don’t know where to start.
  • It’s too expensive and I just don’t have the money.
  • I don’t know what information should go on my website.

Did you answer yes to any of these statements?  You are not alone!

These are the top three struggles that we often hear from new clients.

Just relating to one of these statements can make your head spin! A very important question that you may or may not be contemplating is, “Are you going to have a website?” Some may be a die-hard, “Yes!” Some may be on the fence. And others may have already ruled it out because, “What do I know about websites!? I can barely work my smartphone!”

Rest assured that whether you are tech savvy or tech challenged, getting a website for your business can be accomplished! There are many avenues you can take in getting a website whether it’s a do-it-yourself website built through companies like WIX or whether it is professionally done through companies like ours.

The main thing we need to talk about is WHY you should have a website. Here are the top 3 reasons why you should have a website. Here we go!

#1 A Website Gives You A Place To Tell Your Story

Every business has a story to tell. Just think about the journey you have been on. Has it been a quick transition from working for the man to being THE man (or THE woman)? Was it a long hard journey of fighting to where you are? Why did you start your business? What need did you see needed to be filled? What do you hope to provide to people through your products or services? Does part of your business profits go towards a cause? If so, why?

The answer to all these questions and more allows your clients to connect to the heart of your business. You allow them to see your journey, your story and celebrate with you with where you are now. In so doing, you are inviting them to be a part of the journey by becoming a client.

The beautiful thing about a website is that it can share your story all day, everyday! It’s your biggest cheerleader for your business that will communicate the same message over and over again to every client that comes your way.

Your business deserves to have its story told. So share it well online.

#2 Having A Professional Website Legitimizes Your Business

So, you know you are a serious entrepreneur with a serious business. You know how hard it’s been to get to where you are. As you have told new people about your business ideas or the business you have, it can be a scary moment of putting yourself out there.

Have you ever been in a situation, whether you are talking to someone you know or a potential client about your business, you somehow sense a bit of skepticism as to whether they believe your business is legit? You may be doing a great job in sharing with them all you do, but in the end, people are looking for another piece of validation to prove to them the quality of your business.

Your website is the new modern storefront of your business! And just like we all do, we take a look at something and make a judgment call as to whether something is worth our time and money.

A professionally designed website with a clear message will up your value as a business owner, build trust with your client that you are the person to provide what they need, and proves the legitimacy of the kind of business you are running.

Give your clients the peace of mind in working with you by seeing what you do, what you provide and the quality of your work.

#3 A Piece Of The Internet That You Own

As a business owner, it is up to you to ensure that your business has a space on the world wide web. When you own the domain name for your company, it is yours and as long as you keep renewing it, no one can have it. Domain names are being snatched up daily and to have a simple .com domain is becoming more difficult.

There are actual businesses that make a profit from buying what they believe to be good domain names and selling them back to a buyer for a higher premium. And just because you see that your desired domain name is available today, does not mean it will be there in a month or even tomorrow!

As the owner of that domain name, you are free to create and use it to your utmost advantage to bring in the maximum profit for your company.

Do you and your business a favor by securing a place for it on the best communication platform in the world.