Years ago, I was in a meeting with our development committee and heard a member ask, “What does our major gift strategy look like?”

As a young development director, I thought, “Major gift strategies are for big nonprofits, universities, and hospital systems”.

Actually, my thought was probably something like…

Our major gift strategy!? Sure. You can find it somewhere between writing the next newsletter, finalizing the invitation list for our event coming up, figuring out when our next solicitation letter should go out, restarting my computer one thousand times after it freezes, preparing the development report for the board meeting…”

The committee member actually asked a great question. The problem was I had no idea how it would fit with all of our other activities. Beyond that, I had no idea how I would have put it into action.

Here’s a tip: There’s no such thing as THE major gifts program. Organizations are different. Donors are different. The purpose of your major gifts program is being intentional about how you’re going to personally engage with people who care about and want to provide substantial resources to advance the mission.

You can have a formalized major gifts program regardless of the size of your organization.

Are you ready to be more proactive and intentional in major gifts? Are you ready to put some strategy and structure in building donor relationships?

We can help you build a major gifts program in sixty days! Plus, we can help you put the plan into action.

If you start now, you could be putting your major gifts program into action by the end of summer.

Send me an email if you’d like to formalize your major gifts program. I’d love to visit with you and see how we could help you.

As always, THANK YOU for reading. Have a great day!

All the best,

Kenny Sigler, CFRE