A voice is necessary to your businesses brand, it helps to complete the vision that you want to convey.

What’s a voice? We’re not talking about the vibrations of the vocal chords, we’re talking about branding. A brand holds your vision, your values, and your voice. It’s your business reputation, or what people say about your business when you’re not in the room. Your brand should be cohesive and consistent.

Here are three things you can do to develop a voice for your brand!

1 – Your Look – (I know, I know. Your brand is NOT JUST your look, but it’s a start)

The way your brand looks is the beginning phase of building a voice for your brand. If you are telling people about your brand you need to have a consistent theme on your logo, colors, and imagery. We talk consistency all the time, but its true.

Building consistent branding helps to tie your brand voice together.

2 – Your Content –

Your voice is the content type in which you write. It means that across all platforms (i.e. website, social media, and speaking engagements) there is a consistent message. The message should remain the same from the website to the conversations you have with customers. It should be known throughout a business and easy to convey. This also means that the message can be tailored to specific events.

The reason is that a brand is more than just a logo, some colors, and website. Your brand is the personality of your business. If your business was a person, this is who it would be. This is also why a brand voice often embodies the founder.

3 – Your Marketing –

Building your brands voice should be something you have thought through and spent time on. After all, it is your personality and business that you are trying to tie across each platform. It should fit who you are as a business.

The best voices are personal, relatable, and informational.

Your online presence explains who you are when you aren’t available to pitch your business personally. This is especially important because as your business grows, you won’t be in front of your customers all the time, your employees and brand, however, will be.

So how do you build your brand a voice?

  • Start by trying to define who you are a business.
  • Name three things you are as a business.
  • Name three things you are not.
  • Why is your business important?
  • What are your business values?

Think about your natural voice, and what it sounds like when you’re talking to a friend. The biggest trend in business is to sound like a person, not a corporation.

NOW, take that voice and post something on social media about who you are, what you and why you do it.

Practice using your voice!

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