Ok so as of today, fall is officially here, but we have long been bombarded with the pumpkin flavoring. Don’t get me wrong, I welcome it all with open arms especially the pumpkin spice creamer which is a favorite in the Brand Mentors office. But it shows that there are things associated with each season and holiday.

Those natural triggers that you just can’t help. Even if you hate the pumpkin flavor, you see the iconic orange and know instinctively it means Fall. Use this to your advantage in your social media and advertising. Coming up with original content can be difficult at times. At some point, you hit the brick wall with ideas. Well, let the seasons be your guide. Paint with all the colors of the wind, or all the colors of the holidays.

Using seasonal advertising can give your brand a cohesive look while giving it a little something new. If your customers are already embracing the season, you should too. And be original. Find what inspires you in the season or the holiday. Don’t be afraid to use quirky in your favor. Celebrate the little days too, like National Croissant Day, National Dog Day, and Siblings Day. People could always use the reason to celebrate, and if they celebrate with you that could mean more profits, while you spread the happiness.

So, go on Celebrate!

And have a Happy First Day of Fall from Brand Mentors!

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