How many times per year do have meaningful conversations with major donors without an ask?

The most common answer I hear is, “Not as many as we’d like.” It’s understandable. There are many reasons why it’s hard to make this a reality.

So why should you stop marketing to this very important group of people??

When was the last time a marketing campaign made you, your values, your thoughts, your dreams feel individually valued. Marketing campaigns don’t. Relationships do.

I’m not saying don’t send them your spectacular newsletters and annual reports. Or, that marketing campaigns can’t move people.

Your marketing campaign should not be your strategy to build relationships with major donors. Like the rest of us, donors know when they’re being marketed to.

One common reason I’ve found that makes it difficult for fundraisers to engage with major donors is not knowing what to talk about.

Remember, your major donors want to partner with you to accomplish something amazing. You’re possibly one of their top three priorities. You may even be their top philanthropic priority. The point is donors want to have a good relationship with the organization, and, chances are, that includes you.

Here are five good conversations to have with major donors. There are lots of other reasons, but chances are one of these five applies to you now.

Thank you for reading. I hope this inspires you to keep setting time aside to build and strengthen these relationships.

If you need help putting a major gift strategy together, I’d love to help. Just send me an email to get the conversation started.

All the best,

Kenny Sigler, CFRE
Founder/CEO, Five Tool Fundraising