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Effective Direct Mail Communications

Direct mail is still an effective way to communicate and stay in touch... if it's done right. This session will review effective direct mail strategies nonprofits of all sizes can implement.

ETX Fundraising Survey Discussion

Join us for a FREE webinar discussing the full report of the East Texas Fundraising Survey. We will be joined by fundraising expert Cristina Wineinger as she helps us make sense of the data and how nonprofits can utilize the information.

How to Prioritize Your Marketing Efforts

There are seemingly endless marketing opportunities out there. From your website to social media to print materials, it can feel overwhelming. This session will help you evaluate and prioritize your marketing efforts. Using our method, you'll be able to feel like your finally in control of your marketing efforts.

Aligning Fundraising and Marketing Efforts

Fundraising and marketing are similar yet quite different from each other. You can't copy your fundraising strategy and paste it as your marketing strategy. Or, vice versa. Knowing the similarities and differences is key to leveraging both to grow your nonprofit.

Do you have a clear message?

Are you sure you have the right message? Do you feel what you're saying isn't getting enough traction? Whether you're a business or a nonprofit, having the right message will create interest and action. It could be signing up for a service or making a gift. This session will help you learn how to identify […]

Mid-level Donor Strategy

There's a lot of information about major gifts and finding new donors. While those are critical, mid-level donors are often neglected. Those could be your future major donors if you have the right approach. This session is all about what to do with your mid-level donors.

Building a Major Gift Program

Does your major gift strategy run on hope? Or, are you struggling to find time to work with your major donors? This session will teach you the key principles of building a major gift program for your nonprofit.

Capital Campaigns 101

Juggling all the pieces of a capital campaign or knowing how to get started can feel stressful. It probably isn't as complicated as you might think. This training will cover the basics of how to prepare for and manage a successful capital campaign.

Creating a Culture of Stewardship

Donor stewardship is how you treat donors; how you demonstrate the impact of their gifts; how you make them feel. It can be difficult to find the time to be proactive, but with the right culture and systems, you can build a thriving culture of stewardship within your organization.

Using Your Strategic Plan to Fundraise

Having a clear vision and path forward for your organization is a key to success. You may not realize it's also a huge fundraising asset. This session covers what a strategic plan should include and how to use it to raise more money.

Planning Your Year-End Campaign

We all know by now how much money is given at the end of the year. With everything fundraisers have on their plate, there's often not a lot of time to plan. Fear not. This session will outline a clear path to raise money between now and December 31.

Create Your Development Strategy for Next Year

Whether you're starting from scratch or already have your plan for next year, we will cover the essentials for a development plan including a few critical areas many plans fail to cover. Get a head start on 2025 by signing up for this training.